Be There in 5 Thoughts

When I started Be There in Five, I wanted it to be more about selling products. As I say in my 'about me' section, it's a tongue-in-cheek representation of not having to be perfect; an intentional salute to one of my biggest flaws. I want Be There in Five to be a relatable brand that reminds us all not to take ourselves too seriously and to provide products (remindoor mats) and content (website) that can make your day a little less stressful.

However, I have gone in and out of wanting to provide the second piece, because honestly, it's tough out there on the internet. These days, your emphasis has to be on getting the clicks; misleading captions, share-worthy headlines, and editorialized photos are prioritized while content feels secondary. To keep people's attention, you have to have so many visuals and so little text and as hard as I try, that is not me. I am verbose. I go into a lot of detail. I will edit and edit and then just decide on making the font smaller so it appears shorter. The problem is, when I try to fit the mold of what I 'should' do, it becomes insincere. And when it's insincere, I won't work hard on it. So instead of avoiding this blog altogether because I don't want to make slideshows of stock photos paired with self-explanatory 'small biz tips,' I am just going to use it to do what I like to do; write. I want to share my experience so far, learn out loud as I move forward, and try to maintain the accessible spirit of Be There in Five the best I can.

Once a week, I want to speak openly about an aspect of my business or life that has been helpful to me and is worth sharing. To keep my verboseness at bay, I'm going to organize each post into a list of five key points on the topic, for now calling it Be There in Five Thoughts, because 1. they are my thoughts and I am my business and 2. because I quite literally won't be going anywhere until I finish them.

Until next time!