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DIY Day 2: Custom Hairpin Leg TV Stand / A Furniture Solution for Baseboard Heaters

Check out Day 1 for a tutorial on the wood crates that hide TV accessories and cords.

Even though we, like everyone else, have recently been on a mid-century kick, our original need for this TV stand was actually more functional than fashionable. We had baseboard heaters at our last apartment that wouldn't allow furniture to sit flat against the wall and it drove me nuts (see first photo below). I realize this is such a comically bad picture (like those glum mugshot-esque 'before' skincare photos taken from below with poor lighting) but I assure you I did not style this to look horrible. It really just looked horrible.

So as you can see in the before and after, instead of a TV stand jutting out several inches, we bought hairpin legs and a piece of reclaimed wood on Etsy and screwed on the hind legs closer to the middle to leave room for the baseboard. The angle of hairpin legs made it more stable and not too top heavy. The legs each require four small screws and are fastened to the wood shelf pretty easily. Maybe you should use a drill (?) but I couldn't find one and was growing impatient so my fiance attached with a regular ole screwdriver and we haven't had any problems! 

At our new place we don't have this issue (see photo in the cordless crate tutorial) but we still like the aesthetic of this tv stand and were able to move the legs toward the back of the shelf accommodate. A lot of entertainment centers are super clunky and I like the minimalistic vibe of this one.

In a later DIY this week, I'll show you how we started "reclaiming" wood on our own by distressing new Home Depot lumber (hint: I put on stilettos and stomped for a few satisfying minutes), but if you want to make this super easy we bought this slab from a wood shop on Etsy. I can't find our specific one anymore but search for reclaimed wood shelf or plank and don't be scared to ask for a custom order, stain, or even see if someone selling a full table can just provide the wood top and save money on the legs. Another great place to find reclaimed wood is to google a local reclaimed building materials yard or warehouse where they recycle parts of recently deconstructed buildings. ReBuilding Exchange is a great one for those of you in Chicago. Link for hairpin legs below!