Update as of January 2019: Kate is opening back up select office hours for advice/coaching/Q&A January-March 2019. If you aren’t sure that your questions are being answered below, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page with the areas of help needed and she’ll get right back to you to see if the conversation is a good fit.


  • Getting your eCommerce business or Etsy shop off the ground?

  • Marketing your small business?

  • Creating a name, a slogan, a logo, an aesthetic?

  • Scaling a handmade business?

  • Legal and financial logistics of starting a business?

  • A sounding board for your idea?

  • Hacking product & social media photography?

  • Automating your business?

  • Writing a book?

  • Starting a podcast?

  • Dealing with copycats?

  • Starting a wholesale business?

  • Optimizing listings for Etsy's algorithm?

  • Using third party tools for efficiency?

  • Selling at trade shows?

  • Setting up Squarespace, Shopify?

  • Generating revenue without ad spend?

  • Hack basic graphic design projects?

  • Someone to talk to when you literally can't even?


Or more importantly, do you need help knowing where to even start? Want me to convince you why you SHOULD start and need way less than you think?

 you've come to the right place.


I get a lot of emails from prospective entrepreneurs and small business / Etsy shop owners asking to "pick my brain." The truth is, I'd LOVE to have these conversations, but never really had the capacity. Recently, as I've automated and delegated more of the mat business, I've decided to finally make the time in a way that will hopefully work for both of us. So two days a week, Be There in Five is beta testing a service called Be Here from Nine to Five, opening up office hours to answer your pressing business questions, 1:1 over the phone (or Facetime or Skype - whatever works for you!) for 45 minutes, for $40, with zero strings attached. (Scroll down for more details on cost, etc.) Sometimes you just need an answer, a sounding board, or a nudge in the right direction and you don't need someone selling you a bill of goods. In the past, I felt like I needed a consultant to explain to me the confusing retainers, contracts and fees of consultants, and I really believe that the people trying to help you shouldn't also be adding to your stress and confusion.

No webinars, no newsletter sign-ups, no cryptic PDFs, no landing pages and package deals. Just actionable advice from someone who's been there before, who wants to save you from spending 5 days researching what someone with experience could tell you in 5 minutes.

This is an experiment in the world of consulting and coaching; I want to try building what I desperately wish I had when I was struggling to start my business; answers. Not generalized, packaged 'tips' from hours of internet searching, but to talk to someone 1:1, about your specific business, the specific pain points you're having, and how you should move forward.



No, well, yes - I suppose that's what consulting and coaching is in its simplest form. The way this is different is that I have no minimum, no retainer, no requirements... this is something I'm testing out in an effort to meet more of you, learn about your pain points, and figure out what will be the most helpful means to get you moving. I want to be able to be "on-call" to other entrepreneurs without you feeling like you have to network, owe me something, or wait days to hear back. You still do the work, but I tell you how. 


All you have to do is pick a time slot (button below), pay a set fee for 45 mins (30 minutes of work, really, but I like to bake in some time to get to know you. Gotta love pleasantries!), and I'll send you an email asking what's keeping you up at night.

If I don't think I can help, I'll tell you in advance, and you won't be charged. If I can help you further, we'll work out a follow up plan. Not every client and every business has identical needs, and I want to be a flexible, affordable resource for people trying to get off the ground. No strings; this is a learning process for me too; figuring out how I can add value to your business and help the next era of entrepreneurs start their own adventure.

Um, are you qualified to do this?

If you're new here, I'm Kate, the Owner/Founder of Be There in Five, and in case you missed our unabashed messaging all over this website, we invented the 'remindoormat;' doormats designed to see you on your way out instead of welcoming you in the home. While I literally cringe talking about myself and am sitting here wanting to be like "it's cool I'm not that great!," I'd be remiss not to at least tell you a little bit about why I'm qualified to help your small business.

The truth is, I'm really proud of Be There in Five. It went from an idea I had one day on the train (when I was anxious about burning my apartment down via a curling iron), to a full e-commerce and wholesale business that earned six figures in its first year. Since we started in 2014, this small innovation on a stale category has led us to selling over 10,000 units across 50+ boutiques, in select Nordstrom stores, on Wayfair, our website, and Etsy. About 8,000 of these sales are on Etsy alone. I've registered 5 of our trademarks, done speaking gigs, been featured in Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart Living, Buzzfeed, TeenVogue, Huffington Post, Crain's, and several TV programs. More importantly, one time Jennifer Aniston instagrammed one of my mats, and although all the other aforementioned stats are great, that may have been the moment my dreams came true. 

I am still 100% bootstrapped and 100% owner; meaning I've never taken out a loan, received funding, or shared equity. I went from painting in my living room, praying for 1 sale on Etsy to being invited to Etsy's annual conference last year to speak about growing your Etsy Empire. Unlike many perceptions of small craft-based businesses, I never believed that a scalable handmade business was an oxymoron. Instead of spending hours on each drop of paint, I treated my Etsy shop as a business;  I worked hard to streamline production, decrease my products' cycle time (from 1 month to 3-5 days), diversify my suppliers, and to find a domestic manufacturing solution. I've figured out hacks and shortcuts to do all of my branding, graphic design, and photography, despite having zero experience in visual marketing. After being told I was in a hopelessly nonproprietary category and my products were constantly getting copied all over the place, I worked hard to protect and police our intellectual property, successfully registering trademarks for our signature products. We are the only company who can (legally) put "turn off your straightener," "turn off your curling iron," "shoes off bitches," or "be there in five" on a piece of flooring or use for retail purposes.

I had no small business or start up experience, I'm 100% taught from the 47 browser tabs open on my computer at all times, and I'm not some sort of genius or prodigy. I am creative, hard working, and committed to my ideas, but I didn't start with a baseline knowledge that you're missing. I speak your language, I've been in your shoes. The difference between you and an established entrepreneur is isn't your qualifications; it's your will to figure it out. And to say something original that I totally made up myself; where there's a will, there's a way. My passion in life is to help other entrepreneurs get find their 'way,' and that's why I'm here. 

Whew, glad that's over. enough about me. how can i help you?

I'm not going to lie, sometimes I see ads for marketing, coaching, or small business consulting, and I think to myself, "if you're a subject matter expert, why aren't you spending all your time doing what you're so good at instead of telling other people about it?"

And you may be asking yourself, "well i wasn't thinking that, but now I am... why is this girl talking me out of her service whilst trying to sell it to me?"

Because long before I was ever in a position to teach, I was a struggling student. I'm a living example of an entrepreneur who desperately needed help in every aspect of business while I clawed my way through the startup phase. I've lived the joy and the misery of building something from scratch; I know the endless hunt for resources and answers, I know the feeling of being on my laptop at 3 AM with a million browser tabs open and feeling paralyzed with fear. I know what it's like to have the energy, the idea, and the drive, but zero know-how. And most importantly, I've learned how incredible it is that someone can answer in 5 minutes what I've been researching for 5 days if you know where to go. 

Long story short, I've spent this whole journey hoping that someday I can create the thing that I so desperately needed while I was trying to get started.

Over time, I realized I wasn't finding what I needed in landing pages, e-mail subscription sign ups, high pricing for cryptic PDFs of how-to's, and sales-y webinars. Everyone appears to have some educational process to guarantee your success, to allow you to quit your day job, to be your own boss; I've even seen some suggesting you can retire at 30 (don't get me started on what a bad financial goal that is!).

The thing I needed was to phone a friend. I needed to just ask someone with experience a few questions here and there and have them point me in the right direction. I needed to 'know a guy,' so to speak. But we're feminists here, so let's say I needed to "know a gal." And I want to be your go-to gal.

Starting next week, I'll be launching Be Here from Nine to Five, a beta test of our coaching business that will allow people to schedule 30 minutes a time (45 total so we can chat too!) with me for a set fee to ask anything about your small business. Even if you don't specifically know what's wrong, we'll have a discovery call to dissect where your biggest pain points are. If I can't help you, I won't charge you; if there are follow ups, we'll figure out the best course of action, no strings attached. Helping you is helping me understand what areas are the most helpful to other businesses, so I'm really excited to offer this for a limited time at a discounted rate.

Questions? Fill out the form below! Don't worry, I don't have a newsletter!


While we're in beta mode, we want to charge something on par with a premium extracurricular, like a couple Soul Cycle classes or a Wine & Paint night. Especially for those of you who want to talk about general feasibility and aren't looking for an investment you need to overthink. Think of it as a class where you can take over, drive the content, and ask all the questions.

The first session is $50*, and if there's more I can help with going forward, we'll work out a plan and I will deduct $50, so it will be more of a free discovery call.

On a case by case basis, a free needs assessment may be preferred, so I can determine if my coaching will be a good fit for you. Please fill out the form below instead of scheduling a time. Thank you!


Not available during your desired time slot? Email me via the contact form on our site and we can work something out!


*Pricing is subject to change depending on bandwidth and demand

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