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be there in five dedicates 5% of hand painted profits to an ongoing pool of microloans for low-income female entrepreneurs around the world.


When you research the role of women entrepreneurs in the global economy, you find there’s incredible volume, but not scale. In many parts of the world, women face certain economic, cultural, and legal obstacles that exclude them from access to the types of financial services that are critical for a small business’ growth. In some regions, women may not be permitted to take out loans or even open a bank account. Some require that the loan be given to the male in the household, leaving them powerless in their financial situations. Without this access to capital, even the most motivated of entrepreneurs aren’t able to grow their businesses to a place where they can support their families and create opportunities for their community.

I’m incredibly inspired by entrepreneurs who persevere despite these circumstances in hopes of improving their lives. I was fortunate enough to achieve my dream of owning a small business, and I want to help other women do the same no matter where they live or how much money they have.

In May 2015, Be There in Five started dedicating 5% of profits to providing loans to low-income female entrepreneurs around the world. Each dollar went to a pool of funds that are reallocated once per quarter through a third party network of microfinance institutions that provide zero-interest loans. In the spirit of supporting the global artisan community, I select women in businesses involving arts, crafts, textiles or home goods that share my passion for providing high quality handmade goods to their community. Join me in helping women around the world realize their potential and fulfill their dreams.


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This program is effective for hand painted mat sales starting May 13, 2015 and as funds are paid back they will be reallocated to new entrepreneurs.