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Instagram Sale

Instagram Sale July 26th - Extra, Discontinued & Mess Up Rugs / Doormats For Sale!

from 25.00

24 hour sale! Only 1 of each style!

All of these rugs are discontinued, extras, or have minor errors, so we are cleaning out our inventory and offering a handful today for up to half price!

All mats are hand painted, 20x34x.5 (small enough for a door to slide over), are a light tan/beige with either a single or double border, and varying paint colors. 

Look at the photo of the one you want - if it has 2 tan borders and a cream background, it will be referred to as 'DOUBLE BORDER' and if it's has one border it will say 'SINGLE BORDER' along with the phrase and paint color. I also used the right terminology on my instagram story so check back :) If the mat is sold out, it will say so in the drop down menu!

Mats will be shipped within 3 business days USPS 2-day priority, cost of shipping is auto-calculated from a 20 x 4 x 4 2 lb tube to your location from Chicago, IL.

Thank so much for shopping with Be There in Five :) e-mail contact@bethereinfive.com with questions!

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