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FLASH SALE! Be There in Five mats with subtle printing errors - $25 each

from 25.00

We have a handful of screen printed mats with minor printing errors for sale today only!

These mats either have centering/alignment issues (less than one inch horizontally or vertically), were printed slightly crooked (less than a half inch skewed on either side) or the mats aren't perfect rectangles which makes proper alignment look a little off. Since you look at doormats from a variety of angles, many of these things are barely noticeable without taking a ruler to it!

Mats will ship within a week of ordering. 

About: Be There in Five RemindoorMats Leftover Inventory
Suitable for Indoor AND Outdoor Uses
Material: 100% Olefin
Printed with color-fast inks
Size: 18x27
Border: Black cotton
Phrases: Varies; see options

The mats pictured are examples of the actual mats being sold - cannot photograph each one but the errors will match the above description of being subtle and having alignment that is off by less than an inch horizontally or vertically or less than a half inch of skewing crooked right or left.

No returns or exchanges. Contact@bethereinfive.com with questions!

Limit 2 per customer.

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