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Shoes Off, Beaches PRINTED Doormat, Door Mat Indoor/Outdoor 18x27 by Be There in Five


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Indoor/outdoor screen printed mats from Be There in Five; ideal for higher foot traffic areas and orders that need to be shipped within 1 week!

A friendly (and less harsh) way to remind guests to take off their shoes just in time for summer :)

"shoes off, beaches." Screen Printed Door Mat
About: All mats are made in the USA; designed in Chicago, IL then printed with color-fast inks in North Carolina
Size: 18x27
Material: 100% Olefin with jute backing
Type: Indoor/Outdoor Doormat
Color: Tan/Beige base, teal ink, thin black border; photos taken in various lighting to give you an idea of the neutral background
Shipping: within 1 week; mats are shipped in 26" mailing tubes
Washing: Shake loose dirt, Wash outdoors with hose, lay flat to dry; do not machine wash

All images © 2017 Be There in Five, LLC

Photo taken from Scrub Island Resort Mariner House

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18x27 up close.jpg
18x27 up close.jpg
18x27 up close.jpg