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Limited Edition You're Like, Really Pretty Hand Painted Door mat / Area Rug 20x34

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Just a friendly reminder that you're looking amazing today! Ideal for flattering house guests when you ask them to take off their shoes :) 
Be There in Five's First Generation "You're like, really pretty." Decorative Reminder Mat/Area Rug
LIMITED EDITION Single Bordered Style!

Please note the version of this photo (1st photo) seen on Instagram / Pinterest was filtered to be lighter by the publisher so look at all photos to have a better idea of the coloring!

About: All mats are made in the USA and are hand painted in Chicago, IL
Size: 20x34
Material: Olefin
Type: Indoor Area Rug / Mat- Perfect for keeping indoors and thin enough for your door to slide over it (.25" thick)
Color: Tan
Shipping: Mats are rolled and shipped in 20" mailing tubes. Any creasing will quickly flatten and the rug will re-gain its shape. 
Washing: Mats are stain-resistant and sealed to withstand light wear and tear. Spot clean as needed with mild soap or detergent and water; do not use bleach; air dry. The paint will fade if washed in the washing machine.

All images © 2015 Be There in Five, LLC

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